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• Indev is setting up a 200cum Oxygen and Nitrogen production facility.
• The facility shall produce high purity medical grade Oxygen for supply to the health sector.
• Vast capacity of Oxygen and Nitrogen are bottled in cylinders and available for Industrial use.
• Indev will operate sales network system of third party distributors around the region
• Our facilities being installed meets with international standards and globally acceptable Good Manufacturing Practices.


• We are currently installing an Acetylene gas production plant.
• Plant shall produce Acetylene from our 400 cum per day facility
• Acetylene gas is dissolved in acetone for stability and safety in Acetylene gas bottles.
• Production processes at our facility meet standard Safety standards and Good Manufacturing Practices
• Purity is up to 99.4%
• Acetylene gas is utilized in welding construction, steel works, pipelines and oil and gas production activities
• We shall be supplying directly to clients and third party distributors.


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